Launched in 2019 out of Cairo by Farah and Omar Emara, FreshSource has built a strong network of thousands of producers and hundreds of businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, online retailers and traditional retailers supplying them with their fresh fruit and vegetable needs. The company is scaling at a rapid pace and is now serving major customers across 11 Egyptian cities.

The duo discovered that roughly 30% of Egyptian crops are lost due to poor post-harvesting, storage, and transportation, jeopardizing the country’s food security. These producers oversee the majority of Egypt’s agricultural production, but due to the high number of middlemen in the supply chain and a lack of transparency, they lose approximately 80% of their potential income. FreshSource handles the complete fresh food value chain such as, transportation, storage, and packing in cold storage and packing facilities. We provide producers with better consistent pricing and sell to the market at a reduced rate.


FreshSource aims to leverage technology to become the leading agri-supply chain platform in the MENA region, by changing the way fresh goods are sourced, moved and sold. 


To create more sustainable fresh food systems through data & technology to transform the lives of producers, businesses, consumers and improve the planet.